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Your phone rings. You have a VVIP who has to move from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Nothing less than the best service will do. They need to be at their new post and working yesterday. They have school-aged children. What about the schooling?

You know that a better employee experience means a better bottom line. Successful organizations work with high quality partners to create motivating experiences to strengthen individual performance and optimize company effectiveness. 


School placement is a deeply personal, delicate, and time-consuming process that requires particular expertise. Bennett International's Select Education Advisory Services offer just that: a truly personal, real, and impactful school-finding experience for your employee and family.

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End-to-end white glove treatment. We'll help you shine. Bennett's Select Services have been chosen for you based on over thirty years’ experience working with the heads of human resources, directly with C-suite assignees, CEO's of the most prestigious global financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, energy sector corporations and recruiters (you know them. Sorry, but they’ve asked us not to mention them by name). They’ve become our friends. You will, too. 



Since 1991, Bennett has been guiding Fortune 500 companies all over the world to find the best-fit school for the children of their most valued talent. Our consultants are caring, seasoned education experts who know all about kids and schools, and they always begin their work with a family by understanding who their child is and what they need.


We have worked with hundreds of the most demanding clients and understand well their expectations. We deliver highly responsive premier services time and time again—with total complete satisfaction.


Don’t take our word for it. Read some true stories of real people in their own words.

Our Services



For families requiring guidance for students PreK through Grade 12/Year 13, this service provides comprehensive support.


  • A comprehensive intake interview with parents to understand their children and immediate and long term academic requirements

  • Review of student reports, testing, and documentation; assessment of the student’s candidacy for different types of schools 

  • Consultations with other professionals working with the student 

  • Discussion with the family about the types of schooling options available—private, public, international, etc. 

  • Explanation of the timeline and requirements for applying to or registering with schools

  • A list of student-specific recommended schools, public or private

  • Scheduling of school visit appointments

  • In the case of private schools, support through the application and interview process to ensure all documentation is received by schools

  • Ongoing dialogue with Admissions to support student’s application 

  • Preparations for interviews and school visits, including full mock interview, if desired 

  • Ongoing support of the family through their decision-making process after acceptances are received

  • A senior consultant with extended availability to the family 

  • Monitoring of file by Bennett’s Executive Management 

  • Check-in with family during first month of school to offer “transition” advice as students acclimate to their new school environment



For a child diagnosed with Special Educational Needs (SEN), this service offers the expertise of a SEN professional, often in addition to that of a local consultant.  


  • Study of the student’s medical, psychological, and educational reports and testing results

  • Discussion with other professionals working with the student (e.g., teachers and therapists)

  • Communication with schools regarding the level of support offered

  • Interviews with relevant school personnel to help family determine school’s ability to meet a student’s needs

  • Discussions with parents about how best to present the student to different schools

  • Advocacy with schools on behalf of the student

  • Research of additional resources available in the host location, where necessary or applicable


There are hundreds of colleges and universities around the world, and it can be a daunting task for students to know where to apply, how good their chances are of admission at each institution, and how best to navigate the application process.


Bennett’s expert college & university consultants support students who feel they would benefit from support beyond what their current school can provide or for those who have taken time off from studies and need help getting back on track; it’s also ideal for students who may be applying to college or university in a foreign country and need help understanding the options and approaching an unfamiliar process.

For a grand tour of our college services, please drop by our dedicated Bennett College Consulting website.


Case Studies

These brief case studies are true stories of real families supported by Bennett consultants. All family and consultant names are fictitious to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Making the impossible happen again and again.

"Our consultant’s empathy to understand our state-of-mind as parents of two kids with diverse educational requirements was remarkable - she almost stepped into our shoes as parents for our children... she struck an instant rapport with my wife and me in the first session itself, which made our discussions very effective. She went over-and-above... demonstrating a focused customer-centric approach. Our consultant was flexible to accommodate time-zone differences and my busy travel schedule... my wife and I were extremely pleased with our consultant’s methodical and empathetic approach in providing us this consultation - thank you very much!!"


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Our global team of education consultants is at the ready to guide your talent in making the best academic decisions possible for their chldren. 

We're looking forward to hearing from you; please provide us with a little information, and you'll receive a prompt and informative response. 


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