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Over the years, Bennett International Education Consultancy  has worked with hundreds of corporations, many of them Fortune 500 companies, providing school advisement services—preschool through university—to the dependents of relocating employees. In addition to education placement, our Education Research and Analysis team provides customized consulting for corporations in need of assistance with a range of education issues: education policy writing and benchmarking, tuition studies, group move advisement and planning, education “site assessments,” and the creation of remote or difficult-location education solutions. Whatever a company’s education issue, wherever it is, Bennett has the experience and the expertise to help.


School Placement Services


Whether families are relocating country-to-country, state-to-state, or pursuing the best educational match for their children in private or public schools in their home town, they can rely on the collective knowledge and experience of Bennett consultants to help them identify the most appropriate education environment for their children. Our consultants work directly with families to find the “best-fit” school for each child they serve, anywhere on the globe.

Pre-k thru Uni Placement
Special Education Needs Expertise


Special Education Needs (SEN) students are students with learning or physical challenges, as well as those who may be gifted and talented. The Bennett consultant network includes professionals with Special Education degrees and experience who provide personalized education counseling to SEN students and their families. They are qualified to review testing materials, evaluations and diagnosis information to make informed recommendations about appropriate placement for the students they serve. Furthermore, Bennett consultants serve as advocates for each student’s unique needs.



Education Research & Analysis
Group Move Advisement


For companies considering group moves to a new location, Bennett designs services accordingly.


  • On-site assessments of education options appropriate for families considering relocation

  • Presence at group meetings or “fairs” to provide information to families on schooling options 

  • Individual or group education consulting sessions for immediate and long-range academic planning; provided in person or via webinar 

  • Group counseling in person or via webinar

  • Written handbooks detailing education options in the destination location

  • Strategic planning with HR regarding education issues and costs associated with the relocation and eventual repatriation of assignees

Education Site Assessments



For companies engaged in long-range planning or considering group moves to a new location, Bennett provides expertise in Education Landscape Assessments. Either remotely or in person, Bennett consultants identify and investigate “target” schools for assignees, to meet with Heads of School and Admissions personnel and evaluate the education options available in the new location. Such assessments typically result in a written report designed for corporate HR/ Global Mobility personnel and/or company families considering relocating. This is a customized service designed according to the needs and requirements of the client company.


For companies seeking tuition data for a particular geographical area, Bennett researches and compiles information into a usable format. Reports and presentations are designed according to the needs of the client and the eventual use for the desired information.

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Tuition Data Compilaton
Policy Assistance & Benchmarking
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For companies designing or reworking their education assistance policy, Bennett provides expertise in both benchmarking and policy development related to all aspects of education.

Remote Location Solutions


For companies moving a family or families to a location where appropriate schools for the dependents of assignees are non-existent, Bennett designs “outside the schoolhouse” options. This is a highly customized service, designed according to the number, nationalities, and ages of students involved, as well as many other factors. Solutions may include distance learning, partnership with local schools, boarding school recommendations, etc., depending on company policy and profiles of students.

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Scholarship Management Services
scholarship goil.jpg

The creation and administration of an education scholarship program is a multifaceted challenge that many organizations outsource for a range of reasons, chief among these the objectivity and transparency provided by a third-party. Rarely does an organization have the expertise or in-house resources to develop and administer a medium- or large-sized scholarship program, and there are many opportunities for missteps. As an internationally-recognized provider of education-related services, Bennett offers support across all phases of the development and administration of scholarship programs.


A scholarship program begins with a clearly stated goal and purpose. Success depends upon a clear articulation of the intentions of the program to all stakeholders, and the creation of an infrastructure that guarantees efficiency and proper governance. Bennett collaborates with organizations in the:

  • Creation of a mission statement and program charter that provides guidance at all stages of the program

  • Establishment of a governance structure to manage selection of scholarship recipients, provide approvals, review exceptions, track and report financials, and administer the program to budget

  • Development of clear selection criteria in alignment with the mission statement

  • Creation of communications of program eligibility, application process, selection criteria, etc. for all stakeholders, including applicants

  • Creation of a scholarship and application website, and customization of application software for specific programs

  • Implementation of tracking and reporting processes and software

program dev.jpg
Program Design and Dev
Program Launch & Admin
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With the program infrastructure in place, the next challenge is to manage the process of actually communicating the program to the target audience, managing the application and selection process, and the “on-boarding” of successful applicants. Typically, this includes:

  • Launching communications campaigns via various media channels

  • Receipt and tracking of applications via a secure online platform

  • Support of applicants during the application period: response to email inquiries, clarification of eligibility requirements, etc.

  • Selection of candidates in keeping with established criteria in a manner that is fair, objective, and transparent

  • Follow-up communication to all applicants informing them of application status


For any scholarship program whose parameters exceed a one-time grant, there exists a fiduciary obligation to ensure that the funds are used solely as intended and that the recipients have the support and guidance required to achieve the goals of the program. Therefore, “reporting” and “supporting” are closely-related endeavors designed to both bolster the student and protect the investment of the scholarship provider.

student mentor too.jpg


  • Regular check-ins with students as they transition to a new environment

  • Discussion of areas where a student may be encountering challenges and suggestions for how to address difficulties

  • Identification of on-campus and/or locally-available assistance, such as psycho-emotional support, academic help, affinity groups, etc.

  • Assistance with longer-range planning such as course selection, “summer” work, etc.


  • Tracking and reporting payments and/or confirming that invoices are accurate (Bennett does not manage the finances of scholarship programs or financial transactions.)

  • Timed check-ins with scholarship recipients to confirm the program they are studying and their overall performance in the program through receipt of marks, academic reports etc.

  • Regular reporting back to the organization conferring the scholarship on student status and performance 

  • Recommendations regarding support a student might require in order to be successful—e.g., tutoring in a particular subject


Scholarship recipients may require help in applying to colleges and universities around the world, and Bennett is equipped to provide this support. Requirements and processes vary from country to country, and Bennett’s guidance may include:

  • Discussion of immediate and longer-range career goals

  • Assessment of a student’s candidacy for different schools and programs
    Recommendations of particular universities & programs

  • Discussion of testing options (e.g., U.S. SATS & ACTS) and strategy surrounding testing

  • Expert review of essays & personal statements

  • Discussion of options once acceptances are received

Student Support & Reporting
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