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Please see below for Bennett International Education Consultancy's privacy and data processing policy for families. If you have any questions regarding how we handle data that is not addressed below, or if you would like to make a request for us to erase any personal data we may hold about you as a result of our delivering education consulting services to you or your family, please send an email to

1.  Introduction

In the course of providing education consulting services to families, it is necessary for Bennett to collect, process, retain, and in some cases share specific personal information (data) about these families. We are committed to protecting their privacy to the greatest extent possible.  


In this summary we describe our methods in collecting, processing, retaining, and sharing personal data. We explain rights regarding access to and erasure of personal data.  


2.  Types of Data We May Collect

We collect only the data required for the admissions/enrollment process in each location. Schools – both independent/private and public/state – often require the collection and reporting of a wide range of information, and those requirements vary by location. If we don’t need it, we will not collect it, but it may be necessary for Bennett to collect and share the types of information listed below:  

• Legal Name 

• Gender/Gender Identity 

• Date of birth 

• Place of birth 

• Nationality  

• Marital status 

• Child custody  

• Religion (in the case of applications to religious schools) 

• Race and/or ethnicity 

• Immigration status and, if an expatriate, the anticipated length of your assignment 

• Your child(ren)’s academic information: transcripts, records, standardized test/exam results, 

• Information about your child(ren)’s interests, extra-curricular activities, skills, hobbies, and talents 

• Your child(ren)’s health information, such as reports, evaluations, Individualized Education Plans, etc., if necessary to assess actual or possible learning disabilities  

• The name and location of your employer, and your job title 

• Your family’s current address and/or future address. 

3.  How We Collect Data 

We may collect information from a variety of sources:  

• Information provided to us by employers and/or third party organizations (Relocation Management Companies, Destination Service Providers, and/or real estate professionals) involved in providing support to families; 

• Information provided to us by families when they complete the Bennett “intake questionnaire” at the beginning of their engagement with us; 

• Information provided by schools, teachers, doctors, tutors, and other related professionals; 

• Public records. 

Methods of Data Collection include: 


• Spoken conversations either by telephone, face to face, or via video-sharing platforms 

• Email, hard copy, fax, internet research, and interviews 

4.  Use of Personal Data 

We may use personal information, for recipients both inside and outside the European Union, to:  

• Identify and Assess appropriate and suitable education/schooling options for child(ren) 

• Identify appropriate education professionals, such as tutors, therapists, exam preparation organizations; 

• Advocate on child(ren)’s behalf with specific schools;  

• Update employers on the progress of our services; 

• Coordinate with other service providers who are also assisting the family. 



5.  Disclosing Data 

We may disclose data for the advancement of a family’s specific case to: 

• Schools that they are considering for their child(ren); 

• Other service providers who have been retained by them or their employer to assist with their relocation; 

• Professionals in the education and health fields who have been identified as possible resources to assist with their child’s education; 

• An employer, as part of a status update. 


6.  Data Retention 

Bennett will follow best practices procedures to safeguard the personal information we collect by: 

• Proper data security training of personnel;  

• Minimizing data transference; 

• Limiting data access; 

• Limiting data retention period for so long as is necessary in relation to the placement with which Bennett is assisting you. 

7.  Customer Rights 

Although the families are granting Bennett access to their data in order to advance their education consulting case, nevertheless it remains their data.  They have the right: 

• To have complete access to view the personal data that Bennett has collected and obtain a copy thereof upon the written request for the same; 

• To withdraw their consent for our processing and retention of their data by notifying Bennett in writing that their consent is withdrawn; 

• To request that all data regarding them and their family be erased; 

• To have the right to object to the processing of any of their data by Bennett; 

• They have the right to seek a correction of any inaccurate or incomplete data; 

• They have the right to direct that their data be sent in mechanical readable format to another data controller. 



8.  Consent


Finally, we ask that the families indicate their agreement to the process outlined above.  

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