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Uncharted Waters

Dear Friends,

We hope you’re faring well during these uncertain times.

The effect of this pandemic seems like a wave of explosions to institutions,

sending splinters of what was, into the air, how they’ll land is unsettled. Things are changing in all of our lives at a scramble. The education scene is having to adapt in unparalleled ways to unparalleled challenges at breakneck speed.

Children & education is the spirit of Bennett. Our stalwart team of education experts is on the hotline to schools, keeping up with the changes by the minute: worldwide school closings, school openings, cyber admission interviews, distance learning programs, changes in testing, portfolio assessment, changes to pass fail-grading, what’s next?

We have a new array of services to help you negotiate the uncharted waters ahead. Worldwide education problem solving, tried, true & trusted for nearly 30 years, that’s what we do.

Please see our COVID-19 website, a public service, we’ll keep you posted here & there.

Best wishes, take care,

The Bennett Team

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