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Relocation, Schooling & Special Needs for Mobility Managers & Relocating Families (Full Recording)

Updated: Apr 22

¡Fresh, Live Recording!

Leticia G. de la Rasilla and a panel of education professionals spent the hour discussing the complicated world of Special Education Needs in relocation. Bennett’s Stacey Kinnamon, Jane Krill Thompson, and guest Julia Love provide invaluable information & insights for families relocating with Special Education Needs children, as well as for the relocation management, Global Mobility, and HR teams supporting them.

Here is the entire informed & heartening talk, neatly divided into video chapters for your enjoyment.

Thank you for spending time with us. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Based in Madrid, Spain, Leticia G. de la Rasilla is Bennett's Client Services representative and a Global Team Lead, overseeing and supporting Bennett’s Europe-based consultants. She also plans education outreach for our corporate and RMC clients, leading webinar discussions on relevant education topics and providing updates on high-demand locations. Leticia brings firsthand understanding of the expat experience to her Bennett work.

She initially began work with the company in 2007 as an independent consultant based in Mexico, only to relocate to Germany and eventually repatriate to her native Spain. She has also lived in Ireland, France, and Belgium. As a mother of four children who had to “figure it all out,” she empathizes with the families she supports and understands exactly the kind of help they need.

Stacey Kinnamon is one of Bennett’s key Special Education Needs experts who supports relocating families with SEN children. Working either solo or alongside another consultant, she deciphers psycho-educational reports, discusses a child’s needs in depth with a family, and speaks with school personnel to determine if and how well a school can support a child. Depending on a particular situation, she may be supporting a family bound for Toronto or New York or Milan or Ulaanbaatar.

Stacey is one of our many colleagues for whom education consulting is a second career. Following a decade of work as a New York attorney and a six-year assignment in London, she returned to New York where she changed career paths and earned a dual Masters’ degree in General and Special Education from Bank Street Graduate School of Education.

Currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Jane Krill Thompson is an independent education consultant specializing in supporting “Bennett” families relocating to Asia with Special Education Needs children.

Jane has had an extensive and international career in education, most notably as an expert in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Development. In the US, she served as Director of the Lourie Center Infant and Toddler Program in Maryland and of the Montgomery County Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education and Adult Education Programs. As a “global nomad,” she has lived in many countries including Paraguay, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Romania, where she has worked with international schools, NGOs, and as an early intervention provider, international school Board Chair and education consultant.

Julia Love, our guest panelist, is a seasoned Admissions Professional. Julia served as Director of Admissions at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) for 11 years. Before joining ISKL in 2012, she was Dean of Admissions at an international school in London and prior to that, she worked in Admissions in independent schools in the United States. With 25 years’ experience in Boarding, Primary, Secondary and International schools, Julia is passionate about education and is an advocate for the importance of finding the right-fit school for each child.

Julia spent much of her childhood overseas when family assignments led her to attend German, British and international schools; consequently, she understands firsthand the complex transitional needs of children during international relocation. As an expert in Admissions, who has worked with families seeking placement for their children, she can also speak to the need for honest dialogue between schools, parents and third-party consultants, in order to find the optimal education environment for each child.

Over the years, Bennett International Education Consultancyhas worked with hundreds of corporations across the globe, many of them Fortune 500 companies, providing domestic and international school advisement & placement services - preschool through university - to the dependents of relocating employees. In addition to education placement, our team provides customized consulting for corporations with a range of education issues: education policy writing & benchmarking, tuition studies, group move advisement & planning, and remote education solutions.



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