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2022 Third Quarter Report Card

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Bragging Rights

Not really bragging, we’re just so proud of our team & their consistently fine work & the trust of our partners. We would like to commend our consultants.

The 2022 Q3 service evaluation numbers are in! We’re still on the honor roll: we have, by consensus, the glowing grade of “A”!

That’s enough of what we have to say about us, here’s some of what families have to say about us:

“Our experience with Bennett was the best part of our relocation. Thank You for making this so easy on my family.”

“We were new to this schooling system in India and our consultant was so good to us and explained each curriculum available. Because of our consultant we found the right school for our kids. Couldn’t have done this without her."

"Without Bennett’s assistance, we would have been lost."

"Bennett International was fantastic in every way. We would recommend them 100% without hesitation for anyone needing an education consultant."

"Our consultant has been a wonderful guide as we navigated an international move with our family during the pandemic, with special needs adding to the complexity. We couldn't have hoped for a smoother transition! Our children are settling into school now and we are very grateful for the incredible service that we have received from Bennett International!"

"Very happy with our consultant, she ensured we stayed on top of the school process when we had a 1000 things going on while packing up moving countries. Would highly recommend!!!" (three exclamation points theirs)

"…our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all your support. You made us feel that we had another family member supporting us in this transition from country to country and, above all, from one school to another for our boy. You were key in his acceptance."

"Thanks to our consultant we were able to get both our boys into our number one choice school. She held our hand throughout the process and made herself available 7 days a week to answer any questions. She truly went above and beyond.

Thank you, Team Bennett & our esteemed partners, for letting us do what is near & dear to our hearts.

Bennett International Education Consultancy works directly with hundreds of families each year across the globe. We support families by helping them make informed decisions about the best-fit schools for their children; with our guidance, they secure placement in preschools, private day schools, public/state schools, boarding schools, colleges & universities, including schools with particular programs, such as special needs support.


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